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NDIS Disability Worker

NDIS Disability Support Worker

NDIS Disability Support Worker - Position Description


Social and Community services.

As an NDIS registered provider we deliver Social and Community Supports with effective and professional Disability Support Workers who are matched with NDIS participants and provide care and support in the following settings:

  • in their homes or those of their family members;

  • out and about in their community;

  • in activity centres, civic and community (indoor and outdoor events and activities);

  • varying arrangements per session involving multiple locations and/or appointment types depending on client choices.

Support Workers can support participants to achieve their goals in many ways including by:

  • providing supports and participate in social and recreational activities of the participants choice;

  • supporting the preparation and clean-up of activities, materials and working spaces as appropriate;

  • participating in planning discussions and receiving instructions from the participant or their representatives, EFI staff or other relevant providers;

  • addressing specific indoor, outdoor or event attendance needs as specified by the participant;

  • transportation of mobility equipment and supporting participant to transfer to and from vehicles;

  • supporting attendance at community and civic outings (and other destinations of participant choice);

  • providing supports when working one on one or in small groups or part of larger events and activities;

  • transportation to and from outings, events, activities and or out and about in the community;

  • assisting the participant and their representatives in enterprise development activities;

  • working as part of a diverse team or various teams in support of the participant and their goals;

  • support participants to access supports of their choice including therapies, formal appointments, program attendance and participation.

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